• Weekly Challenges & Training Grounds

    Dear Settlers,

    The next update includes two new additions to your daily Settler life: a new Weekly Challenge system, and two Training Ground buildings to help with Barracks production.

    Weekly Challenges will give you new and exciting activities for you to beat each week, whereas the Training Grounds can seriously boost up your military might. Read all the ins and out about these two updates in our latest Dev Diary!

    Happy Settling!

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  • Change log 20.11.2018

    Dear Settlers,

    The upcoming game version will feature the Weekly Challenges, the Training Ground buildings and will also place the Medic General & Scouting Post in the in-game shop!

    Read more about this upcoming game version in our latest change log.

    Happy settling,

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  • Halloween Gifts

    Dear Settlers,

    When you’re out trick-or-treating this Halloween season, why not add some Gems to your candy bags? We’re offing an exclusive Halloween Gem Package!

    Halloween Special Gem Package

    • Start: 25th of October 2018
    • End: 17th of November 2018
    • Bonus: +125%
    • Restrictions: One purchase per player

    If you’re still eligible to purchase a Starter Pack, the Halloween Promotion Pack will take its place until either it’s bought, or the offer ends. 

    Creep on over to our spooky shop to find out more!

    Happy Halloween!
    The «Settlers Online» Team

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